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How to Choose a Shingle Color Like an Expert

How to Choose a Shingle Color for Your Roof Like an Expert

First ask yourself what is the best roofing company near me. Once you’ve found them it’s time to pick a shingle color. You may be asking yourself if it even matters what color your roof is. Yes, most definitely. Here is how to choose a shingle color.

The Beauty of Your Home

The very first thing people see when they come to your house is its exterior. It should look nice. Your roof is a prominent feature of your property. There are many differing factors in how to choose a shingle color that look great. But some colors do not look good paired with particular exterior colors on the siding or brick.

Type of Shingle

Another factor to consider when selecting your shingle color is what type of shingle you are choosing. For example, some colors look great on laminated shingles but look lackluster on the cheaper 3-tab shingles. Some shingle manufacturers offer a new line of shingles called “High-Definition,” or “Max-Definition.” These shingles often have a much nicer look to them, as each shingle has slightly different colored granules to make each shingle pop a bit more instead of just having one flat color across the entire roof.
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Associations Effect Shingle Choice

It is very common for a homeowner’s associations have specific requirements on permitted shingle colors. If your HOA regulates the color of your roof, then there is usually only one option: the shingle color “Weathered Wood.” It’s that famous gray-colored shingle you see in developments. If you have a homeowners association, always check with them to confirm your options so you can avoid any fines.

Effects of Climate on Choosing a Shingle Color

The climate type you live in can give added value to different shingle colors. For example, in warmer climates like in North Texas, where we serve as a roofing company, lighter-colored roofs are more recommended because they reflect heat. In contrast, darker-colored roofs absorb heat and can lead to higher energy costs in the summer. Although shingle color will help in different ways, the climate alone does not need to determine the color you choose. A roof will absorb heat regardless of what color single you select.

Shingle Choice Effects Curb Appeal





If you have any intentions of selling your home, it is essential to consider what potential homebuyers want. You may like the look of the green roof on the red brick, but that could be the reason your home sits on the market instead of selling. Curb appeal may sound superficial, but it really can matter if you think you may move. Also, keep in mind that shingle color can create unique visual effects. Shingles that are darker-colored may help a steep roof appear less imposing, and lighter-colored shingles may cause a house to appear more inviting. There’s no question that a visually appealing roof can add value to your home.

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Landscape Surrounding Your Home

If you have trees close to your house, you may want to lean towards a darker-colored roof that won’t show the dirt and residue that trees can leave.

Consult an Expert

The color of your roof is probably something you never thought you’d have to consider, which is why it is important to consult the best roofing company nearby who has helped thousands of people select shingle colors. If you need a new roof, we here at Compassion Construction would love to help you. One of our experts will help you choose a high-quality shingle that will look great on your property.

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