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How to Choose a Shingle Color Like an Expert

It is very common for a homeowner’s associations have specific requirements on permitted shingle colors. If your HOA regulates the color of your roof, then there is usually only one option: the shingle color “Weathered Wood.” It’s that famous gray-colored shingle you see in developments. If you have a homeowners association, always check with them to confirm your options so you can avoid any fines.

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How to Navigate the Little Known Insurance Appraisal Process

Nobody loves going through an insurance appraisal. But, occasionally an insurance company or their adjusters may be unwilling to approve a legitimate claim or refuse to pay the present day, fair market value on a reasonable estimate from a general contractor. When this happens in the state of Texas, the insured or policyholder typically has the right to invoke or request the appraisal process. At Compassion Construction we do our absolute best to help our clients get their project fully funded without having to go through appraisal. However sometimes appraisal is the best option for settling disputes over the insurance company’s liability for restoring your property

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