Recently, your company installed a new roof on our home and painted the interior. I want to thank you for the excellent work done by you and your employees. The new roof exceeded our expectations. The job was finished quickly and not a scrap of evidence left behind. We were more than pleased with the quality of the estimates and explanations of the work. I would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone needing home improvements.

Isabel Roth - Texas

We would like to thank your company for the fine work and attention to detail. We will recommend your organization to anyone asking for a quality company to work on their home. Thank you!

The Acrobrook Family - Texas

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Compassion Roofing for your professionalism in helping to make my roof replacement painless, quick and easy. You were patient, helpful and friendly throughout the process. Even my insurance adjuster commented that “I picked a good one,” that Corey was very good to work with, respectful and professional.

Corey, you handled all the paperwork with my insurance company. I received better product quality and service than I really expected. I would definitely recommend your company and services to my friends and neighbors.

Thanks for improving the look and value of my home.

Todd Rufner - Fort Worth, Texas

I just wanted to write a letter thanking you for all the work that your company has done for me. You made the claim filing process and installation very quick and easy and I didn’t have to pay a dime! I really appreciate your hard work on my behalf and would recommend Compassion Roofing and Remodeling to anyone.

Mentor Hajdari - Waxahachie, TX

I just thought I’d put it out there that if you need to replace your roof and need an estimate or if your not sure and would like an honest opinion, call my friends at Compassion Roofing & Remodeling.

They did an Excellent job on my house and went above and beyond what we agreed upon! They even went as far as to replace some rotted fascia and soffit on the back of my house and didn’t charge me.

Now that is great service don’t you think?

Katie Boyer Holder - North Richland Hills, Texas

I had contracted Compassion Roofing & Remodeling for replacing my roof, gutters and associated fittings in February 2010 since I had hail damage.

This job was done by the field representative and staff of Compassion Roofing & Remodeling to my entire satisfaction. All aspects of the job from arranging for insurance inspection, providing a choice of materials, timely execution of the work, cleanup, filing with insurance and follow-up support after the job was completed were done in a very competent and professional manner.

In my opinion, Compassion Roofing & Remodeling can be entrusted for similar jobs and I would recommend them to any prospective customer without any hesitation.

Abdul H. Akbari - Texas

We recently used Compassion Roofing to repair our roof. When we first met Corey, we were impressed with his professionalism and personal care. He worked closely with our insurance company to take care of everything walking us through the entire process. His crew was finished with the job in two days. They cleaned up their area and we were pleased with the job. The roof looks awesome.

My wife and I are both teachers but were treated with class and respect. They did a great job and we strongly recommend Compassion Roofing!

Wesley Haynes - Keller, Texas

All roofing companies are not all created equal. My son and I both had Compassion Roofing & Remodeling bid on our roof replacements. I decided to use Compassion because they seemed to have more integrity about them, not because they had the better price. My son hired the cheaper price and when his company delivered his shingles and started to install them, they didn’t even match in color. He was forced to go purchase new shingles out of his own pocket. There is no telling where they purchased the first shingles, that is if they did. All I can say is I got exactly what I was sold and more. Now I have the best looking roof on my block!

Thank you Compassion Roofing and I would definitely recommend you to anyone…
Corey, you handled all the paperwork with my insurance company. I received better product quality and service than I really expected. I would definitely recommend your company and services to my friends and neighbors.

Thanks for improving the look and value of my home.

Robert Quick - Arlington, Texas

Corey, Ty just sent the estimate to me. He was going to do it Wednesday, but got tied up, so he apologized for the delay. After you left Wednesday, Ty and I had a nice conversation during which he said something I want to share with you. I asked him about the life of an insurance adjuster and he talked about the wide variety of contractors with whom he has worked over the years. He said he really enjoyed working with you. I said I was glad to hear that as I was impressed with you as well, but don’t have Ty’s background for judging contractors. Then he said, “Corey knows what he’s doing and he respects other people. That’s unusual in this business.” Then he went on to say, “Corey is the FIRST person I’ve EVER allowed to mark a spot on a roof for me!” That sounds like very high praise to me and I thought you should know about it!! When you have a chance to review the estimate, please let me know what you think. Ty said he tried to be thorough and fair, but wanted our feedback if anything needed to be adjusted. Have a great weekend!!

Joyce - Texas

Compassion is Amazing! I highly recommend them. Corey, Stefanie, and team found damage that we never would have noticed. They take the time to come out to your house to assess everything, not just the roof. Even things that wont net them a return. They work with your insurance company, and debate at times with your insurance company… very successfully in our case. We are overly pleased so far with them, and this entire process.

Melissa Metcalf - Texas

I have been around the construction industry for twenty years. Being an a/c contractor, I have seen a lot of roofs. Compassion does a very good roof. That is why they put my roof on.

Carl Shaffer - Fort Worth, Texas